Duplex Venous Ultrasound

A lower extremity venous ultrasound test is a painless, noninvasive test which uses ultrasound technology to image the veins in the legs, and to measure blood flow. This test is used to determine if blood flow is diminished and/or to detect the presence of a blood clot. This test provides information that will help your cardiologist determine if there are any blockages or narrowing of the veins that may be the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Usually, this test is ordered to rule out the presence of a clot in the vein (DVT).


WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE TEST: The test is done by a technologist with extensive training in vascular ultrasound. During the test, the patient lies down comfortably on an exam table. The technologist will move a small hand held device (transducer) over your legs to produce the images. The test typically takes around 30 minutes once the test is begun.
TEST COMPLICATIONS: There are no known ill effects from the use of ultrasound for medical diagnosis.

TEST RESULTS: The results will be interpreted by our cardiologists, and your physician will be sent the test results within 24 hours.