Segmental Arterial Testing

A lower extremity arterial segmental pressure test is a painless, noninvasive test which uses Doppler (sound wave) technology and blood pressure measurements in different areas of the legs to determine if you have narrowing in the arteries of your leg (peripheral vascular disease, or PVD). Even if the suspected blood flow problem is in only one leg, both may be tested for comparison.


WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE TEST: During the test, the patient lies down on an exam table. The technologist will wrap a blood pressure cuff around various portions of the legs, for example around the calf, and then around the thigh. The test may be done at several locations on your leg. The technologist will document the pressure readings at each site tested.

TEST COMPLICATIONS: There are no known ill effects.

TEST RESULTS: The results will be interpreted by our cardiologists, and your physician will be sent the test results within 24 hours.